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You could blow the next few Sunday afternoons

list making and meal planning. Or, you could snag these for $17 and save your weekends.. Do my XFoods planning for me!

I heard you all the way from here.

What the heck am I supposed to eat?

If you’ve been following the typical western diet, you may be wondering what’s left after taking out the Six Suspects. Or, you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be putting into your buggy (that’s Pittsburghese for shopping cart), but you don’t really have many recipes in your stash.

Or, the idea of planning out three weeks’ worth of meals sounds like a ton work.

Well, it is a ton of work.

Wouldn’t this program be so much easier if someone could take all of the thinking and planning and organizing out of the equation?

I thought it would be.

So, I did all of the hard stuff for you.

My estimate is that XFoods Easy Mode will save you about five or more hours every weekend deciding what you want to eat, gathering recipes, organizing them so there’s some ingredient overlap, making your shopping list, then deciding what steps can be prepared ahead.

I think taking back five hours is a conservative estimate! And doesn’t it count as double, since they’re precious weekend hours?

In XFoods Easy Mode, you'll get

Meal plans. You’ll have 6-day meal plans for all 3 weeks. (You can pick a day each week to clean up the leftovers, which you’ll probably have.) That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, totaling 54 decisions you don’t have to make. Oh, and there are snack ideas and recipes in the Facebook group and throughout the site, so you’re ready for whatever cravings are coming your way.

Recipes. You’ll have a complete cookbook’s worth of recipes that correspond to the meals, right in order. Long after the program, you’ll make these again and again.

Weekly shopping lists. Just print and go. How easy is that?

Get the bundle for $17

I should mention that I live in a small town – we don’t even have a Target. So, I designed the meals around easy-to-find ingredients. If I can get what’s on the lists, my friends in civilization surely will be able to get what they need.

Set yourself up to rock this. Go into Easy Mode now!

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