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Trying Vegan and a Most Conscious Abandonment

by | Dec 10, 2015

As many of us did last Thursday, I ate until I was about to burst, and I felt the effects. That evening and all of the next day I felt sluggish. Lazy. Overall exhausted.

Mister has limited time off and I spent his long weekend feeling blah, likely as a result of stuffing my face. I didn’t like it one bit.

So, I came up with a radical idea to combat fatigue.

Go vegan.

I’ve been listening to a vegan athlete’s podcast which is incredibly motivating and inspiring in other areas – he covers health, nutrition, creativity, entrepreneurship, all kinds of things. His way of eating has been in the back of my mind for a while now.

Having to cook gluten-free and being a former vegetarian, I wasn’t afraid. I know my way around weird foods and modifications. So, I took a spin around the produce section of the grocery store and dove in.

But, I lasted four days. Since Friday evening, I’ve been hungry all the time and I’m clearly compensating. I haven’t loaded up with this much white carbs and sugar since my ninth birthday party.


My skin broke out, my middle is all ballooney like a beachball, and my complexion has taken on a yellowish hue. That part may be in my head, but I totally thought I looked yellow this morning.

I have (local, small farm) beef thawing out for tonight’s dinner, and I do not feel a moment’s hesitation about breaking.

After years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby weight on, baby weight off, next baby weight on and off again, then the next, I’ve found myself at a place where no small people are being fed from my energy stores. After all that time, I’m finally in tune. I eat when I am hungry, I stop when I am full, and I almost never crave anything. Feeling “hangry” is a thing of the past.

Then I went and messed with it.

I’m not convinced that I have my way of eating wired, and I’ll fully admit that I didn’t give veganism a fair shot. But I felt like I had aged ten years in four days, and I had plenty of cues that my metabolism was going wacky. People struggle for years to get metabolism in check, and I worried that I wouldn’t get it back on track if I messed it up.

Still, I’m glad I gave it a try.

Some final thoughts on my 100-ish hours of veganism…

All three kids will crush any dish containing mushrooms. Hearing my little guy’s adorable “more mushen peese” was well worth it.

I’m adopting the excuse that a gluten-free, soy-free vegan diet is way restrictive and I was set up to fail.

I didn’t even know I had forgotten all about my favorite vegetarian dishes, and through self-imposed limitations they were all coming back to me. Creamy mushroom soup, Italian lentil stew, black bean burritos, they’re all here to stay.

Coming up with blended fruit and vegetable smoothie concoctions is kind of fun, and may be a better vehicle for a nourishing energy boost than chewing on kale all day. I think the vegetable smoothie may become a daily practice.

Oh, and the fatigue? Mister gave me a friendly reminder that I always get into something and stay up later than I had planned. Couple that with the fact that our youngest is doing this 4am wake the house up thing, and yeah I’m spent.

And I don’t always shove that much pie into the ‘ol pie hole. That may have had something to do with it…

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