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Fact: some people say they don’t like oatmeal.

I’m beginning to think people who don’t like oatmeal have been microwaving packets their whole lives. (I can understand that. I don’t like over-sugared slop either.)

But okay, let’s assume they’re talking about the real stuff. How can a blanket statement like that work when there are so many fun mix-ins? You can make oatmeal taste like cookies. You can make oatmeal turn into cookies. You can go tropical, you can make it taste like pie, you can use fruit and yogurt to give it a cheesecake appeal.

I once had some baklava filling leftover, and guess where it went the next morning? Yep, into my oatmeal.

So, saying you don’t like oatmeal is saying you like none of the above.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest or health blogs or traditional food sites, you may have come across the notion that grains are bad for you, that they contain anti-nutrients. You can get the science behind it all in this Weston A. Price Foundation article on grains, legumes and anti-nutrients, but here’s the quick and dirty: our great-grandparents used to soak grains and beans with a little acid to neutralize some of the anti-nutrients, and they were onto something.

My mission here is to convert the oatmeal haters out there with this overnight oatmeal method.

Overnight Oatmeal Method

In the bowl

  • 1c steel cut oats
  • 3c boiling water
  • juice of 1/4 lemon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • almonds, hemp seeds, any other seedy additions go in now

Stir it up, cover with a plate or plastic wrap, and let it work its magic until tomorrow.

In the morning

Add what you like, and microwave or heat on the stove until warmed through. Some ideas…

Oatmeal cookie | cinnamon, maple syrup and raisins

Berry cheesecake | plain yogurt, zest from the lemon you used last night, berries and a light sprinkling of sugar

Banana muffin | bananas, pecans and maple syrup

Apple pie protein | chopped apple, vanilla protein powder, brown sugar and nutmeg

If you make too much, freeze it in 8oz containers for a quick morning (or whenever) treat. I like making an oatmeal bar with assorted toppings when we have overnight guests, which is pretty much every weekend during soccer season!

What are your favorite mix-ins you’d try with overnight oatmeal?

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