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The Gift That Made Me Say, “Do I Have To?”

by | Jan 4, 2016

Me and my big mouth.

A few months ago, I had a fleeting thought of something I might want to try, sometime in the unforeseeable future. And then that thought went away.

Until Mister brought it back, and put it into a box.

Want to know what I’m talking about? He took a video of my reaction, and here I am sharing it with you, PJs and unbrushed hair and all. That’s right, my first public YouTube video and I’m straight out of bed.

Yes, I opened up a gift and said, “Do I have to?”

I grumble in jest, though. I’m pumped about doing a mud run! As grown-ups, we don’t get many excuses to get dirty, climb up things, swing from things. And how often do we forego challenging ourselves for what’s comfortable?

He nailed the gift this year.

Now, it’s up to me to figure out how to train for this thing.

I’ve been doing the gym thing for a while, so we can check weightlifting off of the list. My upper body strength could use work, so bodyweight work will help me make a respectable showing when I need to climb and pull myself up. Balance work is probably a good idea so I can get across mud puddles or whatever there may be, and then there’s that endurance thing that I don’t like so much.

I’ll come up with a little mud run training program and post it soon.

If you’ve done something like this, be sure to leave me some pointers!

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