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Who decided Christmas season started in November?

When I was little, I remember having Thanksgiving dinner, then using that next day off of school to blare Christmas music and put up the tree.

Now, Christmas Tree Day has become Black Friday, the day when you’re supposed to wake at the crack of dawn to beat your fellow early risers to the best sales before supplies run out. Oh, and your tree has been up for weeks already. And so have the decorations in the retail stores.

I feel like the transformation to North Poledom has creeped earlier and earlier through the years. And I have my suspicions that it’s driven by retailers.

I’m not sure what exactly they’re trying to accomplish by starting the season earlier. Do Christmas budgets expand just because the opportunity to buy lasts longer? Or does creating the consumer’s warm and fuzzy holiday nostalgia make them more willing to part with their money?

The warm and fuzzies don’t really last that long when the season lasts months and months.

Can’t I just think about now? Don’t we have Thanksgiving to enjoy, or are we just waving to the turkey as we zoom past him?

I like my years to have a seasonal rhythm, and peeking winter into my autumn is throwing me all off balance.



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