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I was syndicated on BlogHer!


See that? Five SHAMELESS exclamation points. There’s no point in even trying to be all cool about this. I’m doing backflips.

Well, six-month-pregnant-lady backflips, which are imaginary. But you bet your buttons I’m doing ’em!

I’m kind of in disbelief. There are some incredible and influential writers syndicated on BlogHer. And they’ve invited me to the club.


Imagine if it were a club.

::enter Courtney::

::record scratch::

::stares in my direction::

Uh, hey, guys. They told me I could come hang with you…


I’m not usually the one who goes looking for external validation. I mean, I’ve mentioned once or twice how I’ll leave the house in a run bun and clothes that don’t match and I don’t even realize it. But this is something else.

Some little thing I wrote about Lyme disease will appear in between all those smart, insightful and witty pieces written by giants.

That should be giving me a huge ego right now, but no. It’s humbling.

And here you go, my official Syndicated on BlogHer post in all its glory. Head over there to read it, and when you’re done, leave a comment or share with the Facebook and Twitter buttons below the post. It’ll stay there longer if you do that for me. Hope you enjoy!




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