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I did it. I switched.

But I’m not turning in my Apple Fanboy card until I decide I’m keeping it. I have two weeks to switch back.

My iPhone was old-ish, and having two littles around, it had been through a lot. The need to upgrade was becoming more and more evident.

When I bought my iPhone, there was no comparison. Sure, there were other iPhones on the market, but Apple pioneered a lot of smartphone features that weren’t executed well in other models. Other brands’ touchscreens were jerky, web functions were slow, and they weren’t all that intuitive to use.

Plus, Apple was the app-friendly operating system. Many apps weren’t developed for Android until months after they were released for Apple, if the developers even bothered to create an Android version at all.

It’s a different ballgame now. Most, if not all touchscreens operate smoothly and with accuracy. Every phone has worked with the web long enough that the developers have worked out the bugs. The playing field has evened considerably, and I had a decision to make.

At first, I thought, no question, I would just get one of the two newest iPhone models. But with some nudging from my husband, I decided to explore my options a little.

I would know generally what I was getting with an iPhone – a faster version of what I have with an upgraded camera and some additional features. If I chose anything else, I would have to learn my way around a whole new operating system.

A lot of factors went into my choice, but the main reason was customizability. Apple hands you your phone on a platter, and they assume it’s so perfect that you wouldn’t want to change a thing. Other phones let you set things up your way.

So, the first part of the decision is, do you want to use their version because it’s super, or do you want to make it your own because only you know what you want and use?

I went the control-freak route this time. At the moment, I’m just playing around with the functions, trying to learn my way around it. So far, I’m liking the features I know of, I’m looking forward to the features I haven’t tried yet, and I’m not regretting my decision at all.

I’ll keep you informed as I learn more about this strange new device!


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