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We had the dipes back on for a while. Lady A had a big potty breakthrough, then zero progress for weeks after. I had just figured I was pushing her too soon, and we went back to diapers.

Two days before I went into labor, I decided we’d try again, not really expecting much. I had her go diaper-free at home, and reminded her every 30 minutes or so to try to potty.

To my surprise, she did it without any misses or messes. I hadn’t tried diaper-free outings, naps or night sleeps yet, but she was getting it.

Then, I spent over a week away from home when the bubs was born. I figured that would take us two steps back on any headway we had made.

However, I came back to discover that Lady A was spending her days in her big-girl underoos! Before we left, I told Grandma E that we were casually practicing the potty, and she took it upon herself to keep it going. She had a few oopses while we were away, but for the most part, she’s got it!

It’s been a few weeks, and I’m just now starting to take her out of the house diaper-free. I’ve even had luck with a few diaperless naps. I think we’re getting somewhere.

We still have newborn diapers to change, but one diaper butt is better than two.

I’ve been changing diapers for like five years straight. Jeesh.


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