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(c) Project Courtney – all rights reserved

I’m trying to get Lady A out of diapers before nugget is born.

Hmmm…nugget…sure, we’ll go with that. Just occurred to me that I haven’t addressed baby-to-be in the blog yet. So yes, he will be known henceforth as nugget. No – Nugget, proper.

Back to potty training.

Or is the P.C. term “potty learning” now? I feel like the version I’m doing is training, like a puppy, because I reward her with jelly beans. High-fives don’t do it for her, but she’ll go to great lengths for a jelly bean.


I think we’ve conquered the toughest part of potty training – learning to hold it.

While at home, we ditch the pants and diapers. A timer reminds us that it’s time to sit on the froggy potty every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes I’ll sit near her, other times I’ll try handing her a book and walking away to take away any pressure I may be adding.

Yet the frog remains clean.

She’ll hold it for hours – I’ve allowed her to go five, at most. I don’t want her to hurt her plumbing, so after a long stretch, I’ll put a diaper on her so that she can relieve herself. And each time, she lets loose before she’s even dressed.

That tells me she’s familiar with the “gotta go” feeling, and she has pretty good control over when she goes.

So…um…now what? Where do we go from here?

I thought about doing a bait and switch – putting on the diaper, then paying close attention and sitting her on the froggy potty when she is about to go or is going. It’s almost immediate, so it wouldn’t be too hard. But that seems like it would do more harm than good. I’m not trying to create anxiety here.

I thought about letting her go diaperless longer, but I’m just so afraid that she’ll wait too long. I don’t want to cause bladder control issues before control is established.

I’m not quite sure what the next steps are yet. So, instead of trying to troubleshoot this, I’ve decided to celebrate the milestone that Lady A has learned to hold it. It’s a step in the potty training process.

She’s not going to be a one-and-done Potty Master like her brother was. We may have a series of achievements to celebrate along the way.

What have you done to move things along with potty training?



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