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Psst…I’ve been keeping a secret. I have a new project cooking. Well, in addition to keeping this blog thing.

ultrasound photo
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I know, grainy phone photo of a grainy ultrasound still. But I think you can tell what that is.

Nugget’s around 20 weeks or so here – halfway happy dance!

I swear the bump came before the positive pregnancy test. No, really. I took the test because I couldn’t button my jeans.

Now I look like I’m ready for birth, except that I’ve got a lot more growing to do. I’m no stranger to the big belly. I’ve had two 9lb babies already. I get huge. Despite being on an aversion-to-everything-else salad fast for the past few months, I’m still on track to gain at least 40lbs. Which leads me to believe there’s little I can do about my size or the baby’s size.

But the weight comes off, so it’s all good. Enough with the body bashing. BABY NUMBER THREE IS COMING!

Our littles are getting a sibling, and they’re out of their minds excited about it. Within 10 seconds of lying down, four little hands gravitate to my belly and wait for a little kick. If baby’s feeling lazy, they don’t hesitate to yell, “baby, kick!” into my middle. It works often enough that they’ll keep doing it.

Hoss is always lifting blankets on other moms’ baby carriers to get a peek. Lady A seems more interested in her baby dolls lately – hugging, pretending to read to them, sometimes stuffing them into her shirt to make a belly, other times chucking them across the room.

We have time to learn “nice touch.”

Me? I’m actually looking forward to the newborn days. There’s nothing like those early weeks – wrinkly skin, baby head smell, naps all around and getting to know each other.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s intense for a while. But I’ve done this before. I can handle intense.

Yep, a new baby. That’s what I’m working on. Which will likely give me some nesting hormone-driven projects to write about.

As in, the orange-stained bedroom furniture…and my jungle of a yard…and the bathroom…and let’s not forget the white carpet in the other bathroom…

How many months do I have left?

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