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Remember when I was looking for a fitness motivator? I didn’t really mind the baby chub because it’s only baby weight and it’s supposed to still be there…remember that?

Well, I found my fitness motivation.

My gym time is an hour of quiet time.

My attention isn’t dominated by little people who may or may not destroy something at a moment’s notice. I’m not staring at breeding dust bunnies. The dirty laundry pileup isn’t in my field of vision. I can finish a thought.

And if I’m running and gasping, it’s because I just ramped up the treadmill to 7 mph, not because the floor lamp is about to topple.

It’s glorious.

I’m going to be jacked. 

I lost 8lbs in two weeks, but Mister says I’m cheating because I’m still shrinking from pregnancy.

He’s just jealous.

But, not so fast. The holidays are here, and I expect the scale to creep back up. I do not diet, ever, and I especially do not hold back when Grandma E’s blue-ribbon hot rolls are around. Capiche?

It’ll be okay, because I still have baby weight loss momentum. The gym may be crowded in January, but the junk will be out of the house. So, it will all even out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go count down the minutes until my next iron-pumping moment of zen.



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