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I’ve been working out consistently for three weeks. Look at me, all dedicated!

Ha. Come on, you know me better than that. I’m not so much dedicated to working out and having a “hot bod” (whatever that means) so much as I am dedicated to that opportunity to turn my brain completely off and lift heavy-ish things. I count to ten and listen to the gym’s cheesy playlist, and it’s practically like sleeping.

Except it’s definitely not sleeping because no tiny people are interrupting me.

With the Mister’s gluten issues and the kids off of gluten, I’ve been unofficially off of gluten myself. I’m watching the sugar, because I don’t like the feeling of the spikes and dips, and I haven’t been having as much dairy without morning cereal or my favorite snack, Nutella on graham crackers dunked in milk.

I will say that I’m seeing brighter skin, the under-eye circles are fading to the hue of the other moms of three under five, and I sense a boost in my mental clarity and energy.

I’m not in the habit of weighing myself, so I don’t have a weight loss progress update. But I can say that I’m back in my pre-pregnancy tops and my in-between, non-maternity jeans are finally starting to feel roomy. I’ll give it another week before I try the pre-pregnancy jeans.

There are a lot of co-factors at work here, so it’s hard to say what’s helping. Whatever it is, I’m liking the results.



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