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Homemade Coconut Milk Yogurt – Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo

by | May 5, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, or is it gentleman? Do any dudes read this besides Mister?

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen….I present to you, a game changer.

I made yogurt at home and it was easy.

I’ve made homemade yogurt before now, and it was easy enough, but it felt like it required a lot of attention during the process. I’ve since broken my candy thermometer and I haven’t picked up a new one. Plus, I messed up the last few batches a little, so I gave up. Oh, and I broke up with dairy, so there’s that.

I’ve been out of the yogurt game, but oh, I am back.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. I made some kombucha and I’m about to get some water kefir going. Preparing for that, I came across something that said you can balance yeasty kefir grains by cracking open a probiotic capsule and mixing it into your brew. That made me wonder whether or not probiotics in pill form might make yogurt from scratch. After a little Pinterest search, I found that yes, it is possible to make yogurt with probiotics, and even better, a coconut milk yogurt recipe was easy to come by.

I grabbed a recipe from The Kitchn and got to work. You can start there if you want, but if you’re interested in a homemade non-dairy yogurt that’s good for leaky gut, candida, intestinal health, microbiome, and all of that trendy buzzwordy stuff, then you might want to stay for my modifications.

First thing – ingredients are simple. Coconut milk, probiotic capsules and gelatin are all I use. Fermentation doesn’t thicken coconut milk as it does dairy milks, so most recipes call for a thickener. The Kitchn’s recipe used agar agar to keep it vegan, but I’ll take any opportunity to feed the gut lining. So, I chose gelatin as the thickener, knowing that gelatin is a gut healing food. To combine restorative gelatin with microbiome-building probiotics with antiviral and antifungal coconut, all in a fresh, tasty yogurt – that sounds like a tummy happy powerhouse to me.

How to make homemade coconut yogurt

You will need

Two cans of full-fat coconut milk
3-4 Multi-strain probiotic capsules
1 tsp unflavored gelatin
1 qt mason jar with lid
stainless steel, plastic or silicone whisk or spoon

The Process

  1. Sterilize all of your jars and tools in a pot of boiling water. To avoid degrading plastics, I give my plastic tools a dunk in a bowl of water with a couple tablespoons of bleach, then I rinse and dry thoroughly before using.
  2. In a saucepan, heat your coconut milk to about 180 degrees. Remove from heat and mix in the gelatin until dissolved.
  3. Allow to cool to around 100 degrees. The jar will feel slightly warmer than room temperature. Add the probiotic capsules and stir gently.
  4. Place your jar into a cold oven. Do not turn on the heat. Instead, turn on the light. Allow the coconut milk to ferment for 24 hours.
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  5. Remove the jar. You may see separation, and that’s normal. Stir gently, and refrigerate until the yogurt is chilled and thick.
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  6. Add your favorite toppers and enjoy!





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