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We camped over the Fourth weekend, and it was the wettest, muddiest camping trip in the history of camping trips, I think. After having perpetually wet feet for 48 hours or so, I went out to get myself some cheap boots. I kind of love them – they bring a little cheer to cloudy, muddy days.

A little water isn’t enough to keep us inside, so we outfitted the kids with their rain boots and some binoculars and went on a post-rain hike. More like, between-rain hike because apparently we live in the wetlands now. It hasn’t stopped since Spring.

2015-07-04 12.37.01
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The kids ran ahead and found this, and wearing rain boots means you get to forget about staying dry. Rain boots protect head-to-toe, didn’t you know? We took a nice long pause at this section of the trail.

Wouldn’t this be a good spot for wedding pictures?

It’s amazing what kinds of things come out to play after the rain. No wonder the birds are busy after a downpour.

Hello, Mr. Snail. I’m amazed at how well the camera phone did!

Almost didn’t see you there, Mr. Slug.

There were little wild mushrooms everywhere. Doesn’t this look like a little gnome hermitage? We actually heard one group of three mushrooms pop-pop-pop at the same time to shoot out their spores. The cap opens up flat like an umbrella. Very cool!

So much to see and do on a one-mile trail. We’re still in the life stage where we can make our own fun.

Happy weekend!

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