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I know, I know. Pregnancy lasted nine months and I barely wrote anything about it.

Come on, did you really want to hear about my midnight leg cramps and my obsessive craving for boxed donuts and how my hormones made me clean out my attic? I just figured I’d wake you up when it was over.

We’ll just pretend all that never happened and go straight to the part where I let out a good cough and birthed a beautiful baby boy.

What, do you want to hear all of those details, too? Gross.

I may do a G-rated birth story, but for now, just…TA DA! He’s here.

Right now I’m peering over my computer screen at the fuzzy hair of my newborn Nugget. (I’m going to change his blog pseudonym as soon as I figure out what he should be called here.) He’s sleeping deeply, which means I may catch one of those sleep smiles that mean positively nothing at his age but melt me anyway. He has one of his curiously long fingers propped against his head, like he’s contemplating.

Yep, I’m doing that thing where mom stares in awe at her baby, and babies have mind-control abilities so I just fall deeper and deeper into his spell.

Sometimes I’m in disbelief that he’s here. After a very uncomfortable third trimester, after learning just how unstable he was right after birth, I find myself needing to pinch myself to believe that he’s actually sitting here hanging out in my living room, his living room. He’s here and after a short NICU stay, he’s healthy and perfect. 

Yes, I said NICU stay. I’m a second-time NICU mama, and our newest addition’s problems were completely unrelated to my first’s. More on that later. My husband concluded his babies are too big for me.

Anyway, just a little baby announcement to pull out of the writing hiatus. Now, if I may get back to googly-eyed baby-staring and getting my fill of new baby smell before it turns into stinky feet…


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