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My house is never quiet. But it’s only partially due to the fact that we have a couple of littles bringing the noise. It’s more because we constantly have music playing.

We’re brainwashing the kids into having awesome taste in music. At our house, you’ll hear everything from bluegrass to jam bands to folk to classical to the occasional Elmo’s greatest hits.

I think when they start creeping into the tweens to teens, we’ll have to start listening to Top 40 so they can rebel and stick with the good stuff (i.e. anything else). Parenting strategy to keep in the pocket for later, y’all.

Anyway, I decided to start sharing what my kitchen sounds like when I’m making my eggs in the morning. What my backyard is singing while my kids are chasing bubbles. The soundtrack to our little life we have here.

Well, not the soundtrack per se, because that would assume we somehow identify with the lyrics and most often I can’t hear lyrics. Have I ever written about that? I should. It’s pretty wild.


This week, I can’t get enough of “Grace for Saints and Ramblers” by Iron and Wine, from the album Ghost on Ghost

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I’ve said already that I can’t hear lyrics, but I looked these ones up. The Mister and I concluded that Sam Beam was just walking through his life and flipping through photo albums, just writing stuff down, and then made a song including all of it. I don’t pick up a theme here, except life, all experienced by “you and I.”

Don’t worry, I’ll never try to analyze lyrics again. These were just particularly baffling, that’s all.

Enough about the lyrics. It’s a toe-tapper. Enjoy!





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