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So, I explained here how we found out that The Mister has some food sensitivities. Not allergies – those involve the immune system. Food sensitivities are metabolic. There are some things he just can’t digest.

Namely, egg, dairy and gluten. In other words, he can’t have breakfast as we know it.

So every day for a year, (poor guy!) I’ve been blending up whatever fruits and vegetables I grab first. And he’ll drink anything in a smoothie, so this has made for some interesting concoctions. If I happen to have kale and melon on hand, that’s the breakfast smoothie. Beets and pears? Smoothie. Broccoli and bananas? Yep.

I should mention that I’m listing the worst examples. Most of the time they come out tasty. But it has, in fact, been bad.

Most mornings I’ll make him his smoothie and my son and I will have eggs and toast or whatever “normal” breakfast eaters like to eat. But after a year of this, I’m a little tired of doing separate food for everyone, and I’m sure The Mister is tired of his blender surprises.

Alas, I did what any internet-savvy wife and mother would do. I turned to Pinterest. And I think I found some ways to expand our breakfast horizons.

On my to-try list this week…

Gluten free, grain free porridge. The Spunky Coconut

Mostly nuts and seeds, sweetened with dates. Won’t make The Mister… “read.”

Another variation of grain-free porridge. Nourished Kitchen

Did you know that buckwheat isn’t wheat? It’s not even a grain. Who knew?

This recipe also features quinoa and amaranth. I may leave out the amaranth because, well, I’ve never bought it so I don’t have any and it’s supposed to snow 12-18 inches tonight. Why, yes, it IS nearing the end of April, thank you for asking.

The recipe also calls for raw dairy, but Jenny is nice enough to offer substitutions for dairy-sensitive households like ours.

Cream of (buck)wheat. The Spunky Coconut

The Spunky Coconut does it again. Kelly’s site is so darn cute, and it’s like she personally designed her recipes for my Mister’s metabolic issues. I will be frequenting.

He used to love cream of wheat with maple syrup. If I can bring that back for him, I just know I will get a huge hug and a high five.

Gluten-free breakfast bars. Gluten-free Goddess

Nothing against the recipe, but I don’t have high hopes for this one. Bars are often too dry for my liking. However, I have to try it because a no-bowl, no-spoon option would be pretty awesome right now.

The recipe calls for egg, but at this point I’m ready to look into egg replacers.

Did I mention that these ladies are totally saving breakfast around here?

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