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Blogging is supposed to be cheaper than therapy. However, there are plenty of shiny toys you can buy to make your blog more impressive, which can really add up after a while.

Luckily, plenty of services are offering free blog tools that make you look like a professional designer. Most of them can do this because they operate on a “freemium” model (in which you pay for extras). But there are also some that operate totally free.

I’ve made a list of my favorites, because I like you.


See my header up there? And my subscribe graphic in the sidebar? Those are PicMonkey originals, folks. And I created them for free. The best part is, it took all of 20 minutes to do both. It would have taken 10 if I weren’t playing around.

While I would have loved to have had access to all of the fabulous elements PicMonkey has to offer, it was my first time out and I wanted to see if I liked it. (I’m leaning toward LOVE. Needless to say, PicMonkey is becoming a favorite among my free blog tools.)

If you want to give it a try, use my affiliate link to get a free day of Royale, which in PicMonkey speak means use all the things. A whole day! You can decorate an entire blog or seven if you have a whole day!


Like PicMonkey, but I’m seeing more. The premium services are set up a little differently. Instead of paying by the month, you pay for what you use. But don’t worry – you can create just about anything you need for free.


I’ve never used Photoshop extensively, but I’m told GIMP is the shareware software analogous to Photoshop. For picky designers and photo editors, GIMP has more than I could ever use.

Color Scheme Designer

I’ve said here before how my husband threatens to put a full-length mirror by the door so that I can make sure my clothes match. Color coordination just isn’t one of those things that comes easy to me. I can choose pretty base colors, but I’ll always load them into Color Scheme Designer to coordinate my complementary colors.

I’ve even used this as a guideline to paint rooms in my house!


I still find it hard to believe this site exists. Free, “do whatever” stock photos. No special permissions, nothing. Oh, and they happen to be gorgeous. They release 10 new photos every 10 days, and they have quite a stockpile from which to choose. Did I mention they’re gorgeous? Because these photographers are giving away nothing less than high art.

Welp, that oughta hold you for a while.

Do me a favor and show me what you’ve made, mkay?



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