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I could start by saying I’ve fallen off of the wagon, but truth be told, there was no wagon. Can’t break rules that don’t exist!

Let me be honest with myself though. I know what eating what I should feels like, and this feels more like eating what I shouldn’t.

So this is the part where I tell you I’m going on a diet, right?


We don’t do diets around here. Instead, we recognize that every piece of food we eat works to make us healthier or sicker, and we want to pile the pebbles in our favor.

So instead of going on a diet, I’m going to set some boundaries so that I’m fueling the cells in my body, and not merely stuffing my face.

The first step in any change, in any effort to hop back on track, is to know thyself. With regards to food, two things come to mind.

1. I know I’m not hungry first thing in the morning. In fact, I’m not hungry until about 9:30am or so, after I’ve been awake for a few hours.

2. I’m an abstainer, not a moderator. If you want to know which you are, find out in about 30 seconds with Gretchen Rubin’s quick quiz.

SO. All of this put together looks like this…

We eat dinner, usually together, around 6:00 pm. My plan is to skip the TV snacking, which is easy because I’m about 99% uninterested in TV so I haven’t been doing my snacking during evening TV time. The 1% is True Detective on Sundays, which I watch as a shared activity with Mister more than the crime mystery stuff. But I’m not used to eating then so I doubt I’ll reach for snacks.

Then, I can wait until my late breakfast to eat. Bonus family time: it’s right around the time when the kids are starting to want a snack, so we can all sit at the table together for this one.

Effectively I’ll be doing intermittent fasting according to a flex version of the Leangains protocol outlined here. Let me emphasize that I’m not usually wanting food after dinner or before the kids’ mid-morning snack, so I’m basically doing what I’ve been doing all along. Path of least resistance, people.

Being an abstainer will work in my favor because if I simply draw myself up a definition of Junk and make an Official Declaration That I Shall Avoid Junk, I won’t want it.

I should add Know Thyself item #3: keep chocolate + cream combo items out of the house. They call me a bit too loudly, so let’s not invite problems.

Look at me saying all of this like it’s going to be a cake walk.

Did somebody say cake?

What do you know about your own tendencies that make habits and changes easier?

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