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It’s time for another peek inside our CSA box! Every box is my new favorite, and things are getting interesting.

We’re still in the thick of greens season, so we’ve been chomping away at cool salads and smashing garlic by the head for the cooking greens. Mesclun mix, spinach, head lettuce and leaf lettuce greeted us first when we opened up boxes two and three.

I thought for a second that week two was identical to week one, except for rhubarb. But when I dug down to the bottom…

I found a gorgeous rainbow of radishes and cilantro!

The radishes added a pop of color to our salads. I couldn’t decide what to do with the cilantro first. Mojo sauce? Guacamole? Garnish a curry? Do some sort of SoCal inspired chopped salad?

Indecision – a good problem to have.

I ended up sprinkling it all over a quick coconut curry.

I had some left over the next day, so I livened up some quinoa with whatever veggies I had around. Drizzled it all over with a simple dressing of lemon, olive oil, garlic and cumin. Lots going on in this quinoa salad, but fresh cilantro stole the show here.

Onto Week 3…

More greens, and we love them. The kiddos especially love the “crunchers,” the hearts of the butterhead lettuce and the other head lettuces with red edges I can’t identify. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I had pieces from the middle for myself.

We finally have kale! I say “finally” as if I’ve been waiting a year, but it’s been three weeks. I just really like it so I’m always pestering our farmers for it. I got some extra.

Perhaps I went a little overboard?

(No, silly. It freezes.)

Recipes to come! I’m going to make massaged kale, beans and greens, chopped kale salad, sautéed kale, kale and sausage soup… Whose voice do you hear when you read? Did he or she start sounding like Bubba Gump? Moving on.

We have a nice bunch of swiss chard, and oh, those colorful, sweet stems. I couldn’t get enough of this when I was pregnant. I cook it down with onions, lemon, honey and raisins and a couple of allspice berries. I’ve never written down the recipe, but I may have to so I can share here. It’s craveable. The sweet softens the bitter. I happen to like the bitterness, but my kids very vocally do not like it unless I doctor it up.

Then, I saw them.

By this point in the box, my decibel level is cranked, and I’m all yelling like I’m watching football or something. Kale’s debut and garlic scapes in the same box? Yep, my end zone dance came out.

What are garlic scapes?

The curly part you see is the shoot of the garlic plant. Our highly intelligent farmers don’t want all of the garlic’s nutrition and energy to go into the stem and flower, so they lop them off. After that, everything underground gets all the love and we’ll end up with nice big garlic cloves in a few weeks.

And you can eat the scapes! I can’t decide yet what I’ll do with them – I’ll either pulverize them for my favorite compound butter, or I’ll slice them like green beans and toss them in a hot pan with butter and salt until they get a bit of a char on one side. They’re much milder than the clove, but garlic scapes are still unmistakably garlic.

Then we got a French variety of radishes. How pretty are those? I have a bad habit of snapping one right off for a taste as soon as I get them home. In their weekly letter, our farmers suggest this radish sandwich with sliced radish, butter and salt. I’ve tried it and it’s fantastic, but since a single accidental crumb knocks Mister down for a week and a half, we rarely have bread here.

I almost have a gluten-free bread figured out. The best tasting one I’ve made turned out blue. So I’m still working that one out.

That’s it for our CSA box, Weeks Two and Three. We’ll be eating well around here!

Did you have any big scores from the farmer’s market this weekend?

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