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I woke up that weekend morning all bright-eyed with my cape on, feeling better than I had in my entire last month of my pregnancy. The weather was perfect, so the Mister suggested that we all take a walk before lunch. I was more than happy to go, because there was no telling when the third-trimester big momma aches would return. We walked for at least an hour, and it felt amazing.


H walking woods
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We planned the rest of our day on our walk. Grandma E. was coming into town to visit for a few days, and the Mister said that he would go into the office for a couple of hours that evening to finish something up for the next day. I came home and went to the bathroom and–

::radio edit::

Don’t worry about that there…let’s just say I told Mister that he should go into the office NOW if he had to make his deadline. So, he did, and I put the kids down for a nap. I buzzed around the house to do some last-minute cleaning for our houseguest, then I climbed into bed myself.

Not because I was tired. Because I wanted to pay attention.

I noticed that I had three good Braxton-Hicks contractions in a row, so I got out my phone and start timing on my Full Term app.

Lo and behold, contractions were four minutes apart.

So, I called my BFF-doula who was driving 180-ish miles to come in for the birth, and I called Grandma E. to get her ETA. She said she had planned to arrive in the early evening, but decided to leave early so she was on her way and would arrive in about two hours.

I then called Mister at work to see how much work he had left. He said he would finish in about two hours.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I informed him that we would be going to the hospital as soon as he came back and Grandma arrived.

I continued resting and timing contractions. Four minutes, three minutes, two…yes, they were coming close together, but I’m a third-timer so I know these things can take time. Contractions weren’t painful so I didn’t think it was rock and roll time yet. With my first, contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and I still had two days of labor left.

Still, I wouldn’t dare stand up. Just in case.

The Mister pulled out of the office and looked into his rearview mirror to find Grandma rounding the corner behind him. We got her bags in and got the kids settled in with her, and we started off to the hospital. That’s when things started getting real.


Stay tuned for Part Two, coming soon!



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