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Show of hands, but don’t raise ’em to high if we’re in the early stages of this experiment. How many of us tried either a store-bought natural deodorant or a natural deodorant recipe as a first step in the healthier living transition?

And let me guess, after day two, we were feeling as free as her?


The first few natural deodorant recipes I tried left me smelling like a high school wrestling room by mid-afternoon. The absolute worst one I tried was a DIY natural deodorant that had bentonite clay in the recipe. Generally, bentonite clay is good stuff but not a great deodorant ingredient. It seemed to draw all the funk to the surface, putting all the nasty nose notes on display.

Tune in to the next post to learn about a better armpit use for bentonite clay! You’re itching to know, aren’t you?

After my many fails, I asked my essential oil enthusiast friend Kendra what she uses. She too said she tried several natural deodorant recipes with not-so-fresh results, and finally found this one that works.

As a bonus, you probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen right now, so you can mix some up whenever you feel like it!

After many many natural deodorant fails, I found one that actually does the job. You probably have the ingredients already, so go grab the recipe now! #diy #naturaldeodorant #essentialoils #selfcare #personalcare #nontoxic #detox #naturalliving #healthyalternative
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Because your personal hygiene is more a favor to me than it is to you, I’m sharing the recipe. You know, for my own personal benefit.

Just kidding, it’s for you.

An asterisk (*) denotes an affiliate link. That means I will receive a small commission from a purchase made through a link on this site, at no additional cost to you. Opinions here are mine and purchasing decisions are yours to make!

Natural Deodorant Recipe

4 T coconut oil
4 T cornstarch
1 T Baking Soda
12 drops essential oils (see below)

Mom’s essential oil deodorant blend

5 drops tea tree*
5 drops lavender* or clary sage*
2 drops geranium*

Dad’s essential oil deodorant blend

5 drops tea tree
5 drops vetiver*
5 drops orange*

I keep this in a glass jelly jar in the bathroom. I started out applying with a craft popsicle stick but I eventually ditched it. Plain old fingies get the job done.

If you’re a first-time natural deodorant user, you may have heard about one- or two-week transition period that happens as your pits unload all of the junk that has been lodged in your pores by antiperspirant use. Well, I have something that worked for me-I had no transition period and I didn’t experience any of the irritation that some people report with baking soda deodorants. You’ll have to pop back on Thursday to see what that is.

Did I just declare an unofficial armpit week here?

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