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The Mister observed that first-time-mom nesting was a trip to the baby store to buy whatever the current obsession was.

Blankets! Our baby who isn’t coming for another three months is going to be cold and we’ll be bad parents if we don’t get baby blankets rightthissecond!

It happened with a crib, too. Turns out, we didn’t need a crib until the second child came. Live and learn.

Since we have a boy and a girl, we have all the baby stuff we need and more. So my hormones turned their attention elsewhere – to home improvement.

When we moved here, I took the furniture that my brother didn’t want – which was pretty much all of it – from my mom’s house. Then, Mister’s side of the family took it upon themselves to unload the furniture they didn’t want onto our moving truck. It’s all late 80s to early 90s era furniture, which is arguably the tackiest period of home decor to date.

But it was free and in great shape, so we’re keeping it. In putting it all together, I’ve invented a new look I like to call “attic chic.” Really, most of it looks fine, despite the time period. Remember, I found the prettiest historic house in the world. The woodwork and old style take the stage.

Still, some pieces have been bugging me. The master bedroom suit is highly functional and pretty perfect for our needs. Except, it’s stained that orangey oak that was popular in the 90s.

It was mildly bothersome, but pregnancy hormones catapulted me into Mission Orange Wood: Search and Destroy.

It looks kind of like this. Picture lighter and brighter orange. My phone made it look a little darker than it really is.


While you’re at it, check out the rag-roll job in the background.

Neutral and not terrible, but I’m a plain-Jane and it’s an easy fix. That’s another post.

The color is awful, but it’s a good set! It’s solid wood, which you can’t really find anymore. The pieces are heavy enough that they won’t tip onto our kids, and the shape and style aren’t bad.

I saw a piece at a furniture store that inspired a prime and paint.

The part that amazed me most is that I did the job with the kids in the room. And I was the only one to get paint on myself. I enlisted Hoss’ help to empty the dressers and remove the pulls. He’s pretty handy with a screwdriver!

4-year-old helping
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All painted up and drying…


Annndddd…finished! I was going to paint the pulls a dull dark brown but the brass is just tarnished enough that it looks antique-y and it works. I think it turned out lovely.

Bye bye orange wood!


This is somewhat crafty/creative, right? It is in my world, so I added it to the Glued To My Crafts link up. I also added it to the Homemaking linkup at Linda’s Lunacy. Lots of fun projects and recipes at both link ups – thanks, ladies. 


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