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The bubs is a month old. When did that happen? He’s grown so much he looks like a little sausage in his going-home outfit he wore the day we were discharged from the NICU. The old ladies aren’t kidding when they tell you how fast the baby years (days!) go.

He’s been my easiest baby by far. That’s saying a lot, considering we used to say that Hoss was so easy he couldn’t be a real baby. He rarely cried, he slept well from the beginning…and ittle noob graces us with the same no-fuss baby style.

Now, Lady A was a different story. She was the textbook definition of a high-need baby. I was looking through her baby pictures and regretfully, I barely remember her first year. I was a total space cadet in survival mode. I think she woke up every hour for a year and a half.

We’re all sleeping now, and it’s glorious.

Because I have the most laid back newborn in the history of hominid newborns, I’m able to pay attention to other things this time around. Namely, myself.

I’ve got some postpartum squish that I’m not loving.

Sometimes it’s better for new moms to be tired and distracted.

I don’t remember noticing the squish with the other two. If I did notice, I certainly didn’t care that it was there and I wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of it. This time, though, I’m feeling like I need to lose the baby weight, like, yesterday. Which is ridiculous, because just a little over four weeks ago I had a fully-formed human on the inside. It’s not time to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight yet. It doesn’t work that way, and this isn’t my first go-round, so I should understand that.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really know what my pre-pregnancy weight was. I was never the weigh myself or pinch my skin in front of the mirror type. Okay, maybe I did that in high school, but not now.

So, what’s gotten into me?

I’ve even had crazy thoughts, like the one where I consider joining a gym. Because spending my mornings on a modified hamster wheel sounds like great fun. ::sarcasm::

Seriously, what’s gotten into me?

Blame the hormones. Because this is not like me at all. I told the insecure mean girl inside to pipe down ages ago, and I thought she had disappeared forever. It’s only been a few weeks – there’s no reason to worry about baby weight yet.

Maybe I’ll snap out of it. Until then, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with cleaning up the diet a bit. And by clean up, I mean that I don’t need to chase every meal and snack with a generous helping of Nutella…

(c) Project Courtney That'll last me at least a week.
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(c) Project Courtney
That’ll last me at least a week.

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