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Hey there, so glad you came.

intentionalish_meFirst things first. What is all this?

Glad you asked! But I’m not sure I can answer because we like to flex on everything. Here, we look for healthier choices, but you better believe we’re celebrating our kids’ birthdays with cake. We build exercise or meditation habits because they’re good for us, but we know we’ll miss days because things happen, or because we just plain don’t feel like it one morning, and that’s no reason to scrap the whole idea. We set goals, and we either achieve them or shift our focus to better ones. It’s not because we’re lazy, or uncommitted, or weak. We’re humans and our days never look the same.

Topics here are a mishmash of wellness, productivity, and family, in the context of scientific research, observations of people around me, and experiments on myself. The endgame here is to find some systems and processes that work for us.

Intentionalish is where I sort through my ideas.

About the -ish

The -ish is about being real.

Intentionalish was created for those of us who want to work out some daily upgrades, while leaving room for life. We have kids, we have responsibilities. Let’s stop pretending that we’re totally in control, that things don’t throw us off course from time to time. Here, we’re not perfect and we’re not striving for perfection, because that sounds miserable.

An important note…this isn’t The World According to Courtney. I’m not an expert in much of anything. Think of me as a curator, an organizer of information. Topics you find here are usually referenced so you can dig into further information. 



About the author

I’m Courtney, mom of three, owner of a subscription box company featured in TechCrunch, insatiable reader, bachelor’s in psychology, master’s in public health epidemiology, herbalist in training, fascinated with fonts and the MBTI (INTJ, checking in!). Before kids, I worked in decision science research – now do you see why I geek out on this stuff? Once the kids came we moved to the cornfields, and I became the editor of multi-author blog of the nonprofit Attachment Parenting International. << That may or may not be a link to a big celebrity interview…

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