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Every night, I lie in bed with Hoss while he falls asleep. It’s something I complain about beforehand, but once I’m there I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s our time for cuddling, talking and finding out what’s really on his mind. We’ll recap the day, or if he’s especially receptive, I’ll lay a safety lesson on him.

I save the important stuff for bedtime, because he’s listening, and because he has a few quiet moments to think about what we’ve talked about right before he drifts off. And tonight, I had something important to bring up. It went a little like this…

Me: Hey, bud. I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier. You know I wasn’t mad at you, right?

Hoss: No mad? Why you yell at me? You talk mad to me.

Me: I wasn’t thinking. Sister was crying and crying because of her diaper rash, and Mommy was upset because she couldn’t help her. Mommy made a mistake and yelled at you.

Hoss: Is okay, Mommy. Happens sometimes. I just love you. Maybe put some yogurt in her pants.

He really said that. I positively adore that child.

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