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I was poking around this folder I keep called “homeless.” It’s for things I write with no destination in mind – things that just come out. I wrote this one just under a year ago, when my baby was much smaller. Still, I wear her for many of the same reasons. Let’s go back in time…

When my parents’ generation sees me using my wrap or front carrier, I usually hear, wow, we didn’t have those when my kids were small. And I’m thinking, that’s funny, because I bet your great-grandmother and her mother and her mother did some form of babywearing. 

Babies have been worn for thousands of years, then not worn for a while. I can’t seem to wrap my head around why moms would stop something so good for mom and baby. Oh well, to each her own.

Today, we have choices. We can wear our babies, let them jump around in a jumper, scoot them around in a stroller…and I’m sure there are plenty of devices I’ve never seen that keep baby entertained and content. Me? I like to wear my baby in my wrap as much as I can. Here are my top 10 reasons why I’d rather park my little lady in my wrap over anywhere else.

1. I can help myself to a big whiff of intoxicating baby head smell just by tipping my head forward.

2. Staring google-eyed at my baby makes vacuuming not suck. Well, it still sucks, because it’s a vacuum…you know what I mean.

3. I can hold my baby and larger-than-life jars of Nutella at the same time.



4. Everything’s better while dancing with a baby. Even laundry.

5. I don’t have to burn my dinner just because the baby decides she’s ready for hers.

6. Especially when I’m using the wrap, she’s hugging me for hours and it’s awesome.

7. My toddler son doesn’t do the raging jealous tantrum thing, because I have both hands for him when he needs me.

8. I can navigate a shopping mall without taking out eight-foot displays with a bulky stroller.

9. Little Peach smiles at me all day long and rarely cries. This may or may not be because of the babywearing time she’s logged, but it can’t hurt that she meets and exceeds her mommy-time requirements every day.

10. It allows me to hold open doors for moms struggling with their strollers!


I’d love to hear your reasons. Why do you love babywearing?

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